Isotropy of unitary involutions

Nikita Karpenko Department of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences, University of Alberta Maksim Zhykhovich Johannes Gutenberg-Universität, Institut für Mathematik


Acta Mathematica, 211, (2), 227-253, 2011.6
We prove the so-called$unitary isotropy theorem$, a result on isotropy of a unitary involution. The analogous previously known results on isotropy of orthogonal and symplectic involutions as well as on hyperbolicity of orthogonal, symplectic, and unitary involutions are formal consequences of this theorem. A component of the proof is a detailed study of the quasi-split unitary grassmannians.
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  title={Isotropy of unitary involutions},
  author={Nikita Karpenko, and Maksim Zhykhovich},
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Nikita Karpenko, and Maksim Zhykhovich. Isotropy of unitary involutions. 2011. Vol. 211. In Acta Mathematica. pp.227-253.
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