$J$-embeddable reducible surfaces

Alberto Alzati Dipartimento di Matematica, Università di Milano Edoardo Ballico Dipartimento di Matematica, Università di Trento

Geometric Analysis and Geometric Topology mathscidoc:1701.15004

Arkiv for Matematik, 49, (2), 199-215, 2009.8
Here we classify$J$-embeddable surfaces, i.e. surfaces whose secant varieties have dimension at most 4, when the surfaces have two components at most.
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  title={$J$-embeddable reducible surfaces},
  author={Alberto Alzati, and Edoardo Ballico},
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Alberto Alzati, and Edoardo Ballico. $J$-embeddable reducible surfaces. 2009. Vol. 49. In Arkiv for Matematik. pp.199-215. http://archive.ymsc.tsinghua.edu.cn/pacm_paperurl/20170108203630206539001.
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