Correlation Functions of Warped CFT

Wei Song Yau Mathematical Sciences Center,Tsinghua University. Jianfei Xu Yau Mathematical Sciences Center,Tsinghua University.

Mathematical Physics mathscidoc:1908.22001

Journal of High Energy Physics, 1804, (067), 2018.4
Warped conformal field theory (WCFT) is a two dimensional quantum field theory whose local symmetry algebra consists of a Virasoro algebra and a U(1) Kac-Moody algebra. In this paper, we study correlation functions for primary operators in WCFT. Similar to conformal symmetry, warped conformal symmetry is very constraining. The form of the two and three point functions are determined by the global warped conformal symmetry while the four point functions can be determined up to an arbitrary function of the cross ratio. The warped conformal bootstrap equation are constructed by formulating the notion of crossing symmetry. In the large central charge limit, four point functions can be decomposed into global warped conformal blocks, which can be solved exactly. Furthermore, we revisit the scattering problem in warped AdS spacetime (WAdS), and give a prescription on how to match the bulk result to a WCFT retarded Green’s function. Our result is consistent with the conjectured holographic dualities between WCFT and WAdS.
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  title={Correlation Functions of Warped CFT},
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Wei Song, and Jianfei Xu. Correlation Functions of Warped CFT. 2018. Vol. 1804. In Journal of High Energy Physics.
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