Supersymmetry and the Modular Double

Ivan Chi-Ho Ip HKUST Anton Zeitlin Columbia University

TBD mathscidoc:1909.43016

Contemporary Mathematics, 623, 81-91, 2014
A counterpart of the modular double for quantum superalgebra Uq(osp(1\2)) is constructed by means of supersymmetric quantum mechanics. We also construct the R-matrix operator acting in the corresponding representations, which is expressed via quantum dilogarithm.
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  title={Supersymmetry and the Modular Double},
  author={Ivan Chi-Ho Ip, and Anton Zeitlin},
  booktitle={Contemporary Mathematics},
Ivan Chi-Ho Ip, and Anton Zeitlin. Supersymmetry and the Modular Double. 2014. Vol. 623. In Contemporary Mathematics. pp.81-91.
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