Solvable models in quantum mechanics

Sergio Albeverio Friedrich Gesztesy Pavel Exner Helge Holden

TBD mathscidoc:1910.43020

Next to the harmonic oscillator and the Coulomb potential the class of two-body models with point interactions is the only one where complete solutions are available. All mathematical and physical quantities can be calculated explicitly which makes this field of research important also for more complicated and realistic models in quantum mechanics. The detailed results allow their implementation in numerical codes to analyse properties of alloys, impurities, crystals and other features in solid state quantum physics. This monograph presents in a systematic way the mathematical approach and unifies results obtained in recent years. The student with a sound background in mathematics will get a deeper understanding of Schrdinger Operators and will see many examples which may eventually be used with profit in courses on quantum mechanics and solid state physics. The book has textbook potential in mathematical physics and is suitable for additional reading in various fields of theoretical quantum physics.
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  title={Solvable models in quantum mechanics},
  author={Sergio Albeverio, Friedrich Gesztesy, Pavel Exner, and Helge Holden},
Sergio Albeverio, Friedrich Gesztesy, Pavel Exner, and Helge Holden. Solvable models in quantum mechanics. 2012.
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