Superconformal symmetry and hyperKhler manifolds with torsion

Yat Sun Poon Andrew Swann

Complex Variables and Complex Analysis mathscidoc:1910.43814

Communications in mathematical physics, 241, (1), 177-189, 2003.10
The geometry arising from Michelson &amp; Strominger's study of =4<i>B</i> supersymmetric quantum mechanics with superconformal <i>D</i>(2, 1; )-symmetry is a hyperKhler manifold with torsion (HKT) together with a special homothety. It is shown that different parameters are related via changes in potentials for the HKT target spaces. For 0, 1, we describe how each such HKT manifold <i>M</i> <sup> <i>4m</i> </sup> is derived from a space <i>N</i> <sup> <i>4m4</i> </sup> which is quaternionic Khler with torsion and carries an Abelian instanton.
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  title={Superconformal symmetry and hyperKhler manifolds with torsion},
  author={Yat Sun Poon, and Andrew Swann},
  booktitle={Communications in mathematical physics},
Yat Sun Poon, and Andrew Swann. Superconformal symmetry and hyperKhler manifolds with torsion. 2003. Vol. 241. In Communications in mathematical physics. pp.177-189.
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