A cell based particle method for modeling dynamic interfaces

Sean Y Hon Shing-Yu Leung Hongkai Zhao

Statistics Theory and Methods mathscidoc:1912.43188

Journal of Computational Physics, 272, 279-306, 2014.9
We propose several modifications to the grid based particle method (GBPM) [21] for moving interface modeling. There are several nice features of the proposed algorithm. The new method can significantly improve the distribution of sampling particles on the evolving interface. Unlike the original GBPM where footpoints (sampling points) tend to cluster to each other, the sampling points in the new method tend to be better separated on the interface. Moreover, by replacing the grid-based discretization using the cell-based discretization, we naturally decompose the interface into segments so that we can easily approximate surface integrals. As a possible alternative to the local polynomial least square approximation, we also study a geometric basis for local reconstruction in the resampling step. We will show that such modification can simplify the overall implementations. Numerical examples in two- and three
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  title={A cell based particle method for modeling dynamic interfaces},
  author={Sean Y Hon, Shing-Yu Leung, and Hongkai Zhao},
  booktitle={Journal of Computational Physics},
Sean Y Hon, Shing-Yu Leung, and Hongkai Zhao. A cell based particle method for modeling dynamic interfaces. 2014. Vol. 272. In Journal of Computational Physics. pp.279-306. http://archive.ymsc.tsinghua.edu.cn/pacm_paperurl/20191221112827878350748.
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