Non-and semi-parametric modeling in survival analysis

Jianqing Fan Jiancheng Jiang

Statistics Theory and Methods mathscidoc:1912.43383

3-33, 2009
In this chapter, we give a selective review of the nonparametric modeling methods using Cox's type of models in survival analysis. We first introduce Cox's model (Cox 1972) and then study its variants in the direction of smoothing. The model fitting, variable selection, and hypothesis testing problems are addressed. A number of topics worthy of further study are given throughout this chapter.
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  title={Non-and semi-parametric modeling in survival analysis},
  author={Jianqing Fan, and Jiancheng Jiang},
Jianqing Fan, and Jiancheng Jiang. Non-and semi-parametric modeling in survival analysis. 2009. pp.3-33.
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