Content adaptive image matching by color-entropy segmentation and inpainting

Yuanchang Sun Jack Xin

Geometric Modeling and Processing mathscidoc:1912.43912

471-478, 2011.8
Image matching is a fundamental problem in computer vision. One of the well-known techniques is SIFT (scale-invariant feature transform). SIFT searches for and extracts robust features in hierarchical image scale spaces for object identification. However it often lacks efficiency as it identifies many insignificant features such as tree leaves and grass tips in a natural building image. We introduce a content adaptive image matching approach by preprocessing the image with a color-entropy based segmentation and harmonic inpainting. Natural structures such as tree leaves have both high entropy and distinguished color, and so such a combined measure can be both discriminative and robust. The harmonic inpainting smoothly interpolates the image functions over the tree regions and so blurrs and reduces the features and their unnecessary matching there. Numerical experiments on building images show
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  title={Content adaptive image matching by color-entropy segmentation and inpainting},
  author={Yuanchang Sun, and Jack Xin},
Yuanchang Sun, and Jack Xin. Content adaptive image matching by color-entropy segmentation and inpainting. 2011. pp.471-478.
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