Current State of Multivariate Cryptography

Jintai Ding University of Cincinnati Albrecht Petzoldt Kyushu University

TBD mathscidoc:2207.43080

IEEE Security & Privacy, 15, (4), 28-36, 2017.8
A review of the current state of multivariate public-key cryptosystems compares and contrasts the most promising multivariate schemes in digital signatures and public-key encryption as well as their security.
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  title={Current State of Multivariate Cryptography},
  author={Jintai Ding, and Albrecht Petzoldt},
  booktitle={IEEE Security & Privacy},
Jintai Ding, and Albrecht Petzoldt. Current State of Multivariate Cryptography. 2017. Vol. 15. In IEEE Security & Privacy. pp.28-36.
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