Structure Constants from Modularity in Warped CFT

Wei Song Yau Mathematical Sciences Center,Tsinghua University. Jianfei Xu Shing-Tung Yau Center and School of Mathematics, Southeast University.

Mathematical Physics mathscidoc:1908.22002

We derive a universal formula for the asymptotic growth of the mean value of three-point coefficient for Warped Conformal Field Theories (WCFTs), and provide a holographic calculation in BTZ black holes. WCFTs are two dimensional quantum field theories featuring a chiral Virasoro and U(1) Kac-Moody algebra, and are conjectured to be holographically dual to quantum gravity on asymptotically AdS3 spacetime with Compere-Song-Strominger boundary conditions. The WCFT calculation amounts to the calculation of one-point functions on torus, whose high temperature limit can be approximated by using modular covariance of WCFT, similar to the derivation of Cardy formula. The bulk process is given by a tadpole diagram, with a massive spinning particle propagates from the infinity to the horizon, and splits into particle and antiparticle which annihilate after going around the horizon of BTZ black holes. The agreement between the bulk and WCFT calculations indicates that the black hole geometries in asymptotically AdS3 spacetimes can emerge upon coarse-graining over microstates in WCFTs, similar to the results of Kraus and Maloney in the context of AdS/CFT.
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  title={Structure Constants from Modularity in Warped CFT},
  author={Wei Song, and Jianfei Xu},
Wei Song, and Jianfei Xu. Structure Constants from Modularity in Warped CFT. 2019.
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