Simple Matrix Scheme for Encryption

Chengdong Tao South China University of Technology, China Adama Diene Department of Math. Sciences, UAE University - Al-Ain, United Arab Emirates Shaohua Tang South China University of Technology, China Jintai Ding University of Cincinnati, Ohio, USA and ChongQing University, China

TBD mathscidoc:2207.43061

PQCrypto 2013, 231–242, 2013.6
There are several attempts to build asymmetric pubic key encryption schemes based on multivariate polynomials of degree two over a finite field. However, most of them are insecure. The common defect in many of them comes from the fact that certain quadratic forms associated with their central maps have low rank, which makes them vulnerable to the MinRank attack. We propose a new simple and efficient multivariate pubic key encryption scheme based on matrix multiplication, which does not have such a low rank property. The new scheme will be called Simple Matrix Scheme or ABC in short. We also propose some parameters for practical and secure implementation.
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  title={Simple Matrix Scheme for Encryption},
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Chengdong Tao, Adama Diene, Shaohua Tang, and Jintai Ding. Simple Matrix Scheme for Encryption. 2013. In PQCrypto 2013. pp.231–242.
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