Application of Map Projection Transformation in Measurement of a Global Map

Haocheng Ma Tsinghua High School Yinxiao Li Tsinghua High School

S.-T. Yau High School Science Awarded Papers mathscidoc:1608.35138

Dongrun-Yau Science Award, 2013
Cartographical projection is mathematical cartography. Map projection is the mathematical model of geoid. Gauss-Kruger projection is unable to realize seamless splicing between adjoining sheet maps. While Mercator projection, especially web Mercator projection, is able to realize seamless splicing but has larger measurement error. How to combine with the advantage of the two projections, apply the method of map projection transformation and realize accurate measurement under the framework of a global map, is the purpose of thisarticle. In order to demonstrate that the problem of measurement could be solved by map projection transformation, we studied the mathematical principle of Gauss - Kruger Projection and the Mercator Projection and designed the algorithm model based on characteristics of both projections. And established simulated data in ArcMap, calculated the error of the three indicators-the area, the length and the angle- under areas in different latitude(0°-4°、30°-34°、60°-64°)and longitude (120°-126°)range which validated the algorithm model. The conclusion suggests that it is feasible that using web Mercator Projection is capable to achieve a global map expression. Meanwhile, calculations of area, distance and angle using map projection transformation principle are feasible as well in Gauss - Kruger Projection. This algorithm combines the advantage of the two different kinds of projection, is able to satisfy uses' high demand and covers the shortage of measurement function of online map services in China. It has certain practical value.
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  title={Application of Map Projection Transformation in Measurement of a Global Map},
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Haocheng Ma, and Yinxiao Li. Application of Map Projection Transformation in Measurement of a Global Map. 2013. In Dongrun-Yau Science Award.
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