Quantum Watermarking in M-band Wavelet Domain

Xuan Xu Affiliated High School of Jilin University Tong Liu Affiliated High School of Jilin University

S.-T. Yau High School Science Awarded Papers mathscidoc:1608.35140

Dongrun-Yau Science Award, 2013
Computational techniques derived from digital signal processing are playing a significant role in the security and digital copyrights of audio, video, and visual arts. In light of the quantum computing, the corresponding algorithms are becoming a new research direction in today’s high-technology world. The nature of quantum computer guarantees the security of quantum data, so a safe and effective quantum watermarking algorithm is in demand. Quantum watermarking is the technique that embeds the invisible quantum signal into quantum multimedia data for copyright protection. This research presents a quantum watermarking algorithm in discrete M-band wavelet domain. Different from most traditional algorithms, we propose a new algorithm which applies quantum watermarking in M-band wavelet domain. Assured by the Heisenberg uncertainty principle and quantum no-cloning theorem, the security of quantum watermark can reach a very high-level standard. In other words, this watermarking algorithm can defeat nearly all attackers, no matter using classical computer or quantum computer.
Discrete M-band wavelet transforms (DMWT); Quantum watermark; Quantum computing; Quantum Image
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Xuan Xu, and Tong Liu. Quantum Watermarking in M-band Wavelet Domain. 2013. In Dongrun-Yau Science Award. http://archive.ymsc.tsinghua.edu.cn/pacm_paperurl/20160818141018941136233.
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