Multiple-fluid SPH Simulation Using a Mixture Model

Bo Ren Tsinghua University Chenfeng Li Swansea University Xiao Yan Tsinghua University Ming C. Lin University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Javier Bonet Swansea University Shi-Min Hu Tsinghua University

Fluid Dynamics and Shock Waves Mathematical Physics mathscidoc:1608.22004

ACM Transactions on Graphics, 33, (5), 171, 2014.10
This paper presents a versatile and robust SPH simulation approach for multiple-fluid flows. The spatial distribution of different phases or components is modeled using the volume fraction representation, the dynamics of multiple-fluid flows is captured by using an improved mixture model, and a stable and accurate SPH formulation is rigorously derived to resolve the complex transport and transformation processes encountered in multiple-fluid flows. The new approach can capture a wide range of realworld multiple-fluid phenomena, including mixing/unmixing of miscible and immiscible fluids, diffusion effect and chemical reaction etc. Moreover, the new multiple-fluid SPH scheme can be readily integrated into existing state-of-the-art SPH simulators, and the multiple-fluid simulation is easy to set up. Various examples are presented to demonstrate the effectiveness of our approach.
Multiphase and Multicomponent Flow,Miscible and Immiscible Fluids, Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics, volume Fraction Model, Mixture Model
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  title={Multiple-fluid SPH Simulation Using a Mixture Model},
  author={Bo Ren, Chenfeng Li, Xiao Yan, Ming C. Lin, Javier Bonet, and Shi-Min Hu},
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Bo Ren, Chenfeng Li, Xiao Yan, Ming C. Lin, Javier Bonet, and Shi-Min Hu. Multiple-fluid SPH Simulation Using a Mixture Model. 2014. Vol. 33. In ACM Transactions on Graphics. pp.171.
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