The curvature of gradient Ricci solitons

Ovidiu Munteanu Columbia University Mu-Tao Wang Columbia University

Differential Geometry mathscidoc:1608.10041

Mathematical Research Letters, 18, (6), 1051-1069, 2011
We study integral and pointwise bounds on the curvature of gradient shrinking Ricci solitons. As applications, we discuss gap and compactness results for gradient shrinkers.
gradient Ricci soliton
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  title={The curvature of gradient Ricci solitons},
  author={Ovidiu Munteanu, and Mu-Tao Wang},
  booktitle={Mathematical Research Letters},
Ovidiu Munteanu, and Mu-Tao Wang. The curvature of gradient Ricci solitons. 2011. Vol. 18. In Mathematical Research Letters. pp.1051-1069.
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