Tolerance in geometric constraints solving

Johannes Wallner Vienna University of Technology Hans-Peter Schrocker Vienna University of Technology Shi-Min Hu Tsinghua University

Geometric Modeling and Processing mathscidoc:1608.16063

Reliable Computing, 11, (3), 235-251, 2005
We study error propagation through implicit geometric problems by linearizing and estimating the linearization error. The method is particularly useful for quadratic constraints, which turns out to be no big restriction for many geometric problems in applications.
geometric constraints solving, Tolerance
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  title={Tolerance in geometric constraints solving},
  author={Johannes Wallner, Hans-Peter Schrocker, and Shi-Min Hu},
  booktitle={Reliable Computing},
Johannes Wallner, Hans-Peter Schrocker, and Shi-Min Hu. Tolerance in geometric constraints solving. 2005. Vol. 11. In Reliable Computing. pp.235-251.
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