Vertex location optimisation for improved remeshing

Yu-Kun Lai Cardiff University, UK Ralph R. Martin Cardiff University, UK

Geometric Modeling and Processing mathscidoc:1608.16085

Graphical Models, 74, (4), 233-243, 2012
Remeshing aims to produce a more regular mesh from a given input mesh, while representing the original geometry as accurately as possible. Many existing remeshing methods focus on where to place new mesh vertices; these samples are placed exactly on the input mesh. However, considering the output mesh as a piecewise linear approximation of some geometry, this simple scheme leads to significant systematic error in non-planar regions. Here, we use parameterised meshes and the recent mathematical development of orthogonal approximation using Sobolev-type inner products to develop a novel sampling scheme which allows vertices to lie in space near the input surface, rather than exactly on it. The algorithm requires little extra computational effort and can be readily incorporated into many remeshing approaches. Experimental results show that on average, approximation error can be reduced by 40% with the same number of vertices.
Piecewise linear approximation; Remeshing; Optimisation; Sobolev inner products
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  title={Vertex location optimisation for improved remeshing},
  author={Yu-Kun Lai, and Ralph R. Martin},
  booktitle={Graphical Models},
Yu-Kun Lai, and Ralph R. Martin. Vertex location optimisation for improved remeshing. 2012. Vol. 74. In Graphical Models. pp.233-243.
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