Holonomic Systems for Period Mappings

Jingyue Chen Brandeis University An Huang Harvard University Bong H. Lian Brandeis University


Distinguished Paper Award in 2017

Nuclear Physics B, 898, 693–706, 2015
Period mappings were introduced in the sixties [G] to study variation of complex structures of families of algebraic varieties. The theory of tautological systems was introduced recently [LSY,LY] to understand period integrals of algebraic manifolds. In this paper, we give an explicit construction of a tautological system for each component of a period mapping.
Holonomic Systems, tautological system, Period Mappings, algebraic varieties
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  title={Holonomic Systems for Period Mappings},
  author={Jingyue Chen, An Huang, and Bong H. Lian},
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Jingyue Chen, An Huang, and Bong H. Lian. Holonomic Systems for Period Mappings. 2015. Vol. 898. In Nuclear Physics B. pp.693–706. http://archive.ymsc.tsinghua.edu.cn/pacm_paperurl/20160828075309454967472.
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