Gauss Surface Reconstruction

Wenjia Lu Tsinghua University Zuoqiang Shi Tsinghua University Bin Wang Tsinghua University Jian Sun Tsinghua University

Geometric Modeling and Processing mathscidoc:1609.16001

In this paper, we introduce a surface reconstruction method that can perform gracefully with non-uniformly-distributed, noisy, and even sparse data. We reconstruct the surface by estimating an implicit function and then obtain a triangle mesh by extracting an iso-surface from it. Our implicit function takes advantage of both the indicator function and the signed distance function. It is dominated by the indicator function at the regions away from the surface and approximates (up to scaling) the signed distance function near the surface. On one hand, it is well defined over the entire space so that the extracted iso-surface must lie near the underlying true surface and is free of spurious sheets. On the other hand, thanks to the nice properties of the signed distance function, a smooth iso-surface can be extracted using the approach of marching cubes with simple linear interpolations. More importantly, our implicit function can be estimated directly from an explicit integral formula without solving any linear system. This direct approach leads to a simple, accurate and robust reconstruction method, which can be paralleled with little overhead. We call our reconstruction method Gauss surface reconstruction. We apply our method to both synthetic and real-world scanned data and demonstrate the accuracy, robustness and efficiency of our method. The performance of Gauss surface reconstruction is also compared with that of several state-of-the-art methods.
Surface Reconstruction; Point Cloud; Gauss Lemma; Fast Multipole Method
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  title={Gauss Surface Reconstruction},
  author={Wenjia Lu, Zuoqiang Shi, Bin Wang, and Jian Sun},
Wenjia Lu, Zuoqiang Shi, Bin Wang, and Jian Sun. Gauss Surface Reconstruction.
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