Conformal-Based Surface Morphing and Multi-Scale Representation

Ka Chun Lam The Chinese University of Hong Kong Chengfeng Wen The Chinese University of Hong Kong Ronald Lok Ming Lui The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Computational Geometry mathscidoc:1609.09015

Axioms, 3, (2), 222-243, 2014.5
This paper presents two algorithms, based on conformal geometry, for the multi-scale representations of geometric shapes and surface morphing. A multi-scale surface representation aims to describe a 3D shape at different levels of geometric detail, which allows analyzing or editing surfaces at the global or local scales effectively. Surface morphing refers to the process of interpolating between two geometric shapes, which has been widely applied to estimate or analyze deformations in computer graphics, computer vision and medical imaging. In this work, we propose two geometric models for surface morphing and multi-scale representation for 3D surfaces. The basic idea is to represent a 3D surface by its mean curvature function, H, and conformal factor function λ, which uniquely determine the geometry of the surface according to Riemann surface theory. Once we have the (λ,H) parameterization of the surface, post-processing of the surface can be done directly on the conformal parameter domain. In particular, the problem of multi-scale representations of shapes can be reduced to the signal filtering on the  and H parameters. On the other hand, the surface morphing problem can be transformed to an interpolation process of two sets of (λ,H) parameters. We test the proposed algorithms on 3D human face data and MRI-derived brain surfaces. Experimental results show that our proposed methods can effectively obtain multi-scale surface representations and give natural surface morphing results.
surface morphing, multi-scale representation, conformal parameterization, conformal factor, mean curvature
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  title={Conformal-Based Surface Morphing and Multi-Scale Representation},
  author={Ka Chun Lam, Chengfeng Wen, and Ronald Lok Ming Lui},
Ka Chun Lam, Chengfeng Wen, and Ronald Lok Ming Lui. Conformal-Based Surface Morphing and Multi-Scale Representation. 2014. Vol. 3. In Axioms. pp.222-243.
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