Q.e.d. for algebraic varieties

Fabrizio Catanese Universit¨at Bayreuth, NWII

Differential Geometry mathscidoc:1609.10031

Journal of Differential Geometry, 77, (1), 43-75, 2007
We introduce a new equivalence relation for complete alge- braic varieties with canonical singularities, generated by birational equivalence, by flat algebraic deformations (of varieties with canon- ical singularities), and by quasi-´etale morphisms, i.e., morphisms which are unramified in codimension 1. We denote the above equivalence by A.Q.E.D. : = Algebraic-Quasi-´ Etale- Deformation. A completely similar equivalence relation, denoted by C-Q.E.D., can be considered for compact complex spaces with canonical sin- gularities. By a recent theorem of Siu, dimension and Kodaira dimension are invariants for A.Q.E.D. of complex varieties. We address the interesting question whether conversely two al- gebraic varieties of the same dimension and with the same Ko- daira dimension are Q.E.D. - equivalent (A.Q.E.D., or at least C-Q.E.D.), the answer being positive for curves by well known results. Using Enriques’ (resp. Kodaira’s) classification we show first that the answer to the C-Q.E.D. question is positive for special algebraic surfaces (those with Kodaira dimension at most 1), resp. for compact complex surfaces with Kodaira dimension 0, 1 and even first Betti number. The appendix by S¨onke Rollenske shows that the hypothesis of even first Betti number is necessary: he proves that any sur- face which is C-Q.E.D.-equivalent to a Kodaira surface is itself a Kodaira surface. We show also that the answer to the A.Q.E.D. question is pos- itive for complex algebraic surfaces of Kodaira dimension ≤ 1. The answer to the Q.E.D. question is instead negative for sur- faces of general type: the other appendix, due to Fritz Grunewald, is devoted to showing that the (rigid) Kuga-Shavel type surfaces of general type obtained as quotients of the bidisk via discrete groups constructed from quaternion algebras belong to countably many distinct Q.E.D. equivalence classes.
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  author={Fabrizio Catanese},
  booktitle={Journal of Differential Geometry},
Fabrizio Catanese. Q.E.D. FOR ALGEBRAIC VARIETIES. 2007. Vol. 77. In Journal of Differential Geometry. pp.43-75. http://archive.ymsc.tsinghua.edu.cn/pacm_paperurl/20160908203512436325688.
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