General $L\sb p$ affine isoperimetric inequalities

Christoph Haberl Vienna University of Technology Franz E. Schuster Vienna University of Technology

Differential Geometry mathscidoc:1609.10131

Journal of Differential Geometry, 83, (1), 1-26, 2009
Sharp Lp affine isoperimetric inequalities are established for the entire class of Lp projection bodies and the entire class of Lp centroid bodies. These new inequalities strengthen the Lp Petty projection and the Lp Busemann–Petty centroid inequality.
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  title={General $L\sb p$ affine isoperimetric inequalities},
  author={Christoph Haberl, and Franz E. Schuster},
  booktitle={Journal of Differential Geometry},
Christoph Haberl, and Franz E. Schuster. General $L\sb p$ affine isoperimetric inequalities. 2009. Vol. 83. In Journal of Differential Geometry. pp.1-26.
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