The quantization of a black hole

Claus Gerhardt Ruprecht-Karls-Universität, Institut für Angewandte Mathematik

Mathematical Physics mathscidoc:1609.22011

We apply our model of quantum gravity to an AdS black hole resulting in a wave equation in a quantum spacetime which has a sequence of solutions that can be expressed as a product of stationary and temporal eigenfunctions. The stationary eigenfunctions can be interpreted as radiation and the temporal as gravitational waves. The event horizon corresponds in the quantum model to a Cauchy hypersurface that can be crossed by causal curves in both directions such that the information paradox does not occur.
quantization of gravity, quantum gravity, black hole, information paradox, AdS spacetimes, event horizon, quantization of black hole, gravitational wave, radiation
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  title={The quantization of a black hole},
  author={Claus Gerhardt},
Claus Gerhardt. The quantization of a black hole.
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