Twisted supergravity and its quantization

Kevin Costello Perimeter Institute for theoretical physics Si Li Tsinghua

Mathematical Physics mathscidoc:1701.22008

Twisted supergravity is supergravity in a background where the bosonic ghost field takes a non-zero value. This is the supergravity counterpart of the familiar concept of twisting supersymmetric field theories. In this paper, we give conjectural descriptions of type IIA and IIB supergravity in 10 dimensions. Our conjectural descriptions are in terms of the closed-string field theories associated to certain topological string theories, and we conjecture that these topological string theories are twists of the physical string theories. For type IIB, the results of [CL15] show that our candidate twisted supergravity theory admits a unique quantization in perturbation theory. This is despite the fact that the theories, like the original physical theories, are non-renormalizable. Although we do not prove our conjectures, we amass considerable evidence. We find that our candidates for the twisted supergravity theories contain the residual supersymmetry one would expect. We also prove (using heavily a result of Baulieu [Bau10]) the open string version of our conjecture: the theory living on a brane in the topological string theory is a twist of the maximally supersymmetric gauge theory liv- ing on the brane in the physical string theory.
supergravity, twisting, supersymmetry, quantization, AdS/CFT, holography
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  title={Twisted supergravity and its quantization},
  author={Kevin Costello, and Si Li},
Kevin Costello, and Si Li. Twisted supergravity and its quantization.
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