Geometric transitions and SYZ mirror symmetry

Atsushi Kanazawa Harvard University CMSA Siu-Cheong Lau Boston University

Publications of CMSA of Harvard mathscidoc:1702.38020

We prove that the punctured generalized conifolds and punctured orbifolded conifolds are mirror symmetric under the SYZ program with quantum corrections. This mathematically confirms the gauge-theoretic prediction by Aganagic–Karch–L¨ust–Miemiec, and also provides a supportive evidence to Morrison’s conjecture that geometric transitions are reversed under mirror symmetry.
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  title={Geometric transitions and SYZ mirror symmetry},
  author={Atsushi Kanazawa, and Siu-Cheong Lau},
Atsushi Kanazawa, and Siu-Cheong Lau. Geometric transitions and SYZ mirror symmetry.
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