Residual Local Supersymmetry and the Soft Gravitino

Steven G. Avery Brown University Buckhard Schwab Harvard University CMSA

Publications of CMSA of Harvard mathscidoc:1702.38040

We show that there exists an infinite tower of fermionic symmetries in pure d=4, N=1 supergravity on an asymptotically flat background. The Ward identities associated with these symmetries are equivalent to the soft limit of the gravitino and to the statement of supersymmetry at every angle. Additionally, we show that these charges commute into charges associated with the (unextended) BMS group, providing a supersymmetrization of the BMS translations.
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  title={Residual Local Supersymmetry and the Soft Gravitino},
  author={Steven G. Avery, and Buckhard Schwab},
Steven G. Avery, and Buckhard Schwab. Residual Local Supersymmetry and the Soft Gravitino.
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