Soft Black Hole Absorption Rates as Conservation Laws

Steven G. Avery Brown University, Michigan State University Burkhard Schwab Harvard University CMSA

Publications of CMSA of Harvard mathscidoc:1702.38041

The absorption rate of low-energy, or soft, electromagnetic radiation by spherically symmetric black holes in arbitrary dimensions is shown to be fixed by conservation of energy and large gauge transformations. We interpret this result as the explicit realization of the Hawking-Perry-Strominger Ward identity for large gauge transformations in the background of a non-evaporating black hole. Along the way we rederive and extend previous analytic results regarding the absorption rate for the minimal scalar and the photon.
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  title={Soft Black Hole Absorption Rates as Conservation Laws},
  author={Steven G. Avery, and Burkhard Schwab},
Steven G. Avery, and Burkhard Schwab. Soft Black Hole Absorption Rates as Conservation Laws.
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