Colliding waves on a string in AdS3

David Vegh Harvard University CMSA, Institute for Advanced Study, CERN

Publications of CMSA of Harvard mathscidoc:1702.38055

This paper is concerned with the classical motion of a string in global AdS3. The initially static string stretches between two antipodal points on the boundary circle. Both endpoints are perturbed which creates cusps at a steady rate. The cusps propagate towards the interior where they collide. The behavior of the string depends on the strength of forcing. Three qualitatively different phases can be distinguished: transparent, gray, and black. The transparent region is analogous to a standing wave. In the black phase, there is a horizon on the worldsheet and cusps never reach the other endpoint. The string keeps folding and its length grows linearly over time. In the gray phase, the string still grows linearly. However, cusps do cross to the other side. The transparent and gray regions are separated by a transition point where a logarithmic accumulation of cusps is numerically observed. A simple model reproduces the qualitative behavior of the string in the three phases.
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  title={Colliding waves on a string in AdS3},
  author={David Vegh},
David Vegh. Colliding waves on a string in AdS3.
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