Algebras stratified for all linear orders

Liping Li

Representation Theory Rings and Algebras mathscidoc:1702.30007

Alg. Repn. Theory, 16, 1085-1108, 2013
In this paper we describe several characterizations of basic finite-dimensional k-algebras A stratified for all linear orders, and classify their graded algebras as tensor algebras satisfying some extra property. We also discuss whether for a given preorder ≼, F(≼Δ), the category of A-modules with ≼Δ-filtrations, is closed under cokernels of monomorphisms, and classify quasi-hereditary algebras satisfying this property.
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  title={Algebras stratified for all linear orders},
  author={Liping Li},
  booktitle={Alg. Repn. Theory},
Liping Li. Algebras stratified for all linear orders. 2013. Vol. 16. In Alg. Repn. Theory. pp.1085-1108.
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