Upper bounds of homological invariants of FI_G-modules

Liping Li

K-Theory and Homology Representation Theory Rings and Algebras mathscidoc:1702.02008

Arch. Math. (Basel), 107, 201-211, 2016
In this paper we use a homological approach to obtain upper bounds for a few homological invariants of FI_G-modules V. These upper bounds are expressed in terms of the generating degree and torsion degree, which measure the top and socle of V under actions of non-invertible morphisms in the category respectively.
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  title={Upper bounds of homological invariants of FI_G-modules},
  author={Liping Li},
  booktitle={Arch. Math. (Basel)},
Liping Li. Upper bounds of homological invariants of FI_G-modules. 2016. Vol. 107. In Arch. Math. (Basel). pp.201-211. http://archive.ymsc.tsinghua.edu.cn/pacm_paperurl/20170222104832354400497.
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