Affine moments of a random vector

Erwin Lutwak New York University Songjun Lv Chongqing Normal University Deane Yang New York University Gaoyong Zhang New York University

Information Theory mathscidoc:1702.19003

IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, 59, (9), 5592–5599, 2013
An affine invariant p-th moment measure is defined for a random vector and used to prove sharp moment-entropy inequalities that are more general and stronger than standard moment-entropy inequalities.
Random vector, moments, entropy, information theory, Shannon theory, Renyi entropy
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  title={Affine moments of a random vector},
  author={Erwin Lutwak, Songjun Lv, Deane Yang, and Gaoyong Zhang},
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Erwin Lutwak, Songjun Lv, Deane Yang, and Gaoyong Zhang. Affine moments of a random vector. 2013. Vol. 59. In IEEE Transactions on Information Theory. pp.5592–5599.
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