Comments on AdS_2 Gravity

Alejandra Castro University of Amsterdam Wei Song Tsinghua University

Mathematical Physics mathscidoc:1702.22020

Eprint Arxiv, 24, 2014.11
We revisit some properties of AdS2 Einstein-Maxwell gravity with the aim of reconciling apparently conflicting results in prior literature. We show that the two dimensional theory can be obtained as a dimensional reduction of the three dimensional Einstein gravity with the CSS boundary condition. In general, this theory on AdS2 can be viewed as an effective theory of the near horizon geometry of a (near-)extremal black hole. We provide an interpretation of our results in terms of the microscopic description of an extremal black hole.
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  title={Comments on AdS_2 Gravity },
  author={Alejandra Castro, and Wei Song},
  booktitle={Eprint Arxiv},
Alejandra Castro, and Wei Song. Comments on AdS_2 Gravity . 2014. In Eprint Arxiv. pp.24.
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