Un-twisting the NHEK with spectral flows

Iosif Bena Institut de Physique Th´eorique Monica Guica University of Pennsylvania, Wei Song Tsinghua University

Mathematical Physics mathscidoc:1702.22027

Journal of High Energy Physics, 28, 2013.3
We show that the six-dimensional uplift of the five-dimensional Near-Horizon-Extremal-Kerr (NHEK) spacetime can be obtained from an AdS_3 X S^3 solution by a sequence of supergravity - but not string theory - dualities. We present three ways of viewing these pseudo-dualities: as a series of transformations in the STU model, as a combination of Melvin twists and T-dualities and, finally, as a sequence of two generalized spectral flows and a coordinate transformation. We then use these to find an infinite family of asymptotically flat embeddings of NHEK spacetimes in string theory, parameterized by the arbitrary values of the moduli at infinity. Our construction reveals the existence of non-perturbative deformations of asymptotically-NHEK spacetimes, which correspond to the bubbling of nontrivial cycles wrapped by flux, and paves the way for finding a microscopic field theory dual to NHEK which involves Melvin twists of the D1-D5 gauge theory. Our analysis also clarifies the meaning of the generalized spectral flow solution-generating techniques that have been recently employed in the literature.
Black Holes in String TheoryIntersecting branes modelsAdS-CFT Correspondence
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  title={Un-twisting the NHEK with spectral flows },
  author={Iosif Bena, Monica Guica, and Wei Song},
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Iosif Bena, Monica Guica, and Wei Song. Un-twisting the NHEK with spectral flows . 2013. Vol. 28. In Journal of High Energy Physics. http://archive.ymsc.tsinghua.edu.cn/pacm_paperurl/20170228095742231265551.
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