D-brane Construction of the 5D NHEK Dual

Wei Song Harvard University Andrew Strominger Harvard University

Mathematical Physics mathscidoc:1702.22029

Journal of High Energy Physics, 176, 2012.7
Extremal but non-supersymmetric charged black holes with SU(2)_L spin in IIB string theory compactified to five dimensions on K^3 x S^1 are considered. These have a near-horizon or NHEK region with an enhanced SL(2,R)_L conformal symmetry. It is shown that the NHEK geometry has a second, inequivalent, asymptotically flat extension in which the radius of the S^1 becomes infinite but the radius of the angular circles of SU(2)_L orbits approach a constant. The asymptotic charges associated to the second solution identify it as a 5D D1-D5-Taub-NUT black string with certain nonzero worldvolume charge densities, temperatures and chemical potentials. The dual of the NHEK geometry is then identified as an IR limit of this wrapped brane configuration.
Black Holes in String TheoryD-branes
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  title={D-brane Construction of the 5D NHEK Dual },
  author={Wei Song, and Andrew Strominger},
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Wei Song, and Andrew Strominger. D-brane Construction of the 5D NHEK Dual . 2012. Vol. 176. In Journal of High Energy Physics. http://archive.ymsc.tsinghua.edu.cn/pacm_paperurl/20170228100742806339553.
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