Perturbation Analysis for Matrix Joint Block Diagonalization

Yunfeng Cai Peking University Ren-Cang Li University of Texas at Arlington

Numerical Linear Algebra mathscidoc:1703.26001

Linear Algebra and its Applications, 581, 163-197, 2019.3
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matrix joint block diagonalization, perturbation analysis, backward error, condition number, MICA
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  title={Perturbation Analysis for Matrix  Joint Block Diagonalization},
  author={Yunfeng Cai, and Ren-Cang Li},
  booktitle={Linear Algebra and its Applications},
Yunfeng Cai, and Ren-Cang Li. Perturbation Analysis for Matrix Joint Block Diagonalization. 2019. Vol. 581. In Linear Algebra and its Applications. pp.163-197.
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