Design & Implementation of Universal Power-adapting Protocol (UPP)

Chentian Li :No. 1 High School of Zhuhai

S.-T. Yau High School Science Awarded Papers mathscidoc:1801.35003

Yau Science Award ( Computer Science), 2017.12
Two noted drawbacks can be found in nowadays’ power adapting technological scheme: the first is found in both of AC & DC adapters which is that the connection between power supply and appliance is only electrical connection. Such a connection can almost do nothing against such accidents as electric shock, illegal electricity-using, and accidents resulted from overcurrent, overvoltage, overheat and/or the like; the second is mainly found in DC power adapters, which is that one power adapter can only supply power with specified electrical parameters. It means that one adapter can only power its designated electrical appliance, which will inevitably lures two issues: one is that once the electrical appliance become out of work, its power adapter would also have to be abandoned, even if it is still in good conditions, such an outcome will result in waste of resources and environmental pollution, in addition to inconvenience for users who would have to take various kinds of adapters with them during their work and life. To solve the drawbacks above, here puts forward an adapting scheme in which electricity adapters and appliances will first conduct “communication and negotiation” prior to power delivery. The noted features of this scheme are as followings: the first, it is the first set of protocols designed for power adaptation by which all power delivery will not be conducted only with a simple electrical connection marked as “Contact and Power”, but one marked as “Agree and Power” in which power delivery will not happen unless an “agreement” by and between the power supply and the appliance has been concluded in advance. Such an electrical adapting scheme will certainly ensure that all electrical parameters may stay within the coverage specified in the course of electrical adaptation and this would thus avoid almost all safety issues resulted from electric shock, illegal electricity-using, overcurrent, overvoltage, overheat and so on; and the second, it is first time achieving the goal of which one adapter is able to provide electricity for various kinds of appliances within the designated range automatically , i.e. the power supply will be able to provide electricity with right parameters for appliances according to their requests. Such two features above will make a way for solving issues of waste of resources, environmental pollution and inconvenience of carrying different kinds of adapters. This scheme thus designed a protocol which has taken much effort to develop Topology, Connection Methods, Data Structures and the like and thus built up a set of standards related to communications necessarily by and between power adapter and appliance. Further, here also developed a physical device which implemented UPP, the “UPP Power Adapter”. According to the experiments and tests, the device reached all engineering goals designed: it can supply correct electricity and provide parameter-specified safety protection according to the requests of appliances automatically within its specified range It can be seen that UPP will soon head adapters marked as great variety and low-compatibility nowadays to unity following with more and more application of UPP in adapters just as USB had ever done on uniting computer peripherals. It will undoubtedly not only make peoples’ work and life more convenient and comfortable, but also positively contribute much to reducing pollution, protecting environment and saving resources.
Power Adaptation, Power Adaptation Protocol, Power Supply Device, Appliance, Electrical Connection, Digital Power Delivery, Appliances Identification, Delivering Power on Requirements, Conducting Protection Based on Actual Parameters.
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