Faster R-CNN over Attention: Shared Bikes Detection in Surveillance Video

Xuelin Yang The Affiliated High School of South China Normal University

S.-T. Yau High School Science Awarded Papers mathscidoc:1801.35017

Yau Science Award ( Computer Science), 2017.12
▲With the rapid development of bicycle-sharing system since 2016, illegal parking has become one of the most significant social issues. While the existing management methods cannot meet the demand, object detection technology provides a possibility. The Video Surveillance System can be utilized as a rich source of information. However, there is technical challenge to handle complex scenarios. Faster R-CNN, chosen because of its excellent overall performance, cannot specify the proposals of shared bikes especially in distant view. Processing the consecutive images in videos is neither necessary nor efficient. The original results are limited by interference of moving bikes and blocking effects. ▲ In this paper, I introduce a Faster R-CNN over Attention (FoA) that combines the from-coarse-to-fine visual mechanism with deep neural networks. FoA realizes fine-grained detection of shared bikes in complex circumstances. It consists of an Attention Region Extraction (ARE) and an optimized Faster R-CNN. In ARE, I introduce the concept of Attention Region and define it as video background, then apply Gaussian Mixture Model. ARE processes the surveillance video into discrete regions, allowing concentration on certain areas and efficiency in detection. In Faster R-CNN, I put forward an anchor box optimization in regards of the remarkable region-based characteristic in R-CNN. The optimization applies k-means to refine the anchor boxes and generate more appropriate region proposals. ▲ I construct a categorized shared bike data set of 4,291 images and 12,697 labeled objects for FoA training and testing. FoA performs excellently with the detection and recognition ratios of 94.19% and 92.73% respectively. The optimization is proved to make a difference. ▲ The paper not only provides a new direction for solving illegal parking issue and managing bicycle-sharing system, but also generalizes FoA into a new detection framework of Attention Region Extraction plus Region-Based Convolutional Neural Network, which can be applied to certain object detection in various scenes. The mechanism that combines ARE and R-CNN organically allows the towards-real-time detection to possess both practicality and universality. FoA is one of its robust implements.
Shared bikes, object detection, Attention Region, Gaussian Mixture Model, Faster R-CNN, clustering
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  title={Faster R-CNN over Attention: Shared Bikes Detection in Surveillance Video},
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Xuelin Yang. Faster R-CNN over Attention: Shared Bikes Detection in Surveillance Video. 2017. In Yau Science Award ( Computer Science).
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