Comparison and Optimization of the Dynamic Shortest Path Algorithms

TAO Zhongnian Nanjing Foreign Language School YANG Junzhao Nanjing Foreign Language School XU Zhuoyu Nanjing Foreign Language School

S.-T. Yau High School Science Awarded Papers mathscidoc:1801.35023

Yau Science Award ( Computer Science), 2017.12
Information Technology has enabled new levels of convenience to our daily life. While providing people with astonishingly good experiences, computer science has still a long way to meet the needs from the users for various scenarios. As a good example, path selection problem is an important and common problem which finds applications in location based services, internet routing and navigation systems. Choosing the most cost effective and time saving routines plays an essential role in both theory and engineering. Although a plethora of classical solutions have been made to the static shortest path problem, dynamic shortest path problem has not been thoroughly studied. To address this critical issue, this paper investigates the dynamic shortest path problem by optimizing existing work and conducting extensive experiments. The studies fall into three main variants of the problem: unweighted shortest paths, weighted shortest paths, and shortest paths on the map. We present a comprehensive comparison of our optimizations and existing solutions which demonstrates the effectiveness and efficiency of our algorithms.
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  title={Comparison and Optimization of the Dynamic Shortest Path Algorithms},
  author={TAO Zhongnian, YANG Junzhao, and XU Zhuoyu},
  booktitle={Yau Science Award ( Computer Science)},
TAO Zhongnian, YANG Junzhao, and XU Zhuoyu. Comparison and Optimization of the Dynamic Shortest Path Algorithms. 2017. In Yau Science Award ( Computer Science).
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