The study of image resizing based on deleting unobtrusive seam and face detection

Qi Han Tianjin Nankai high school Jiao Pengyi Tianjin Nankai high school

S.-T. Yau High School Science Awarded Papers mathscidoc:1801.35024

Yau Science Award ( Computer Science), 2017.12
Nowadays, pictures have more and more applications in various fields. Because different situations may have different commands of the ratios of pictures, we present a program which can resize the pictures according to their contents. Compared with the traditional method which only cares about the geometric constraints, our program can reserve the important contents of the pictures, which means that the visual effect of the pictures will not be damaged after the resizing. In order to change the ratio of pictures while avoiding distorting their main contents, we use a method called seam carving. Based on the energy function used for finding useless pixels and dynamic programming used for finding some continuous seams which will be deleted later, our program can finally change the image to a new ratio perfectly. Due to some deficiencies of the basic program, we also make some improvements. The first one is the improvement of the algorithm: we add face detection to the basic program. Not only does this improvement can solve many problems of the basic program automatically, but also it is our own innovation of the study of content-aware resizing. The second one is the addition of customization: we allow users to select the specific contents that they want to reserve, which can meet the different needs of users. It’s also our own innovation which will be very useful in practical situations. Our program can have many practical applications. We have some ideas about how to put this algorithm into real use, which is one of our practical innovations of this topic. In terms of different ratios of photo printing, graphic designing and screen displaying, this program will have various uses, which will make a groundbreaking progress in practice.
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  title={The study of image resizing based on deleting unobtrusive seam and face detection},
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Qi Han, and Jiao Pengyi. The study of image resizing based on deleting unobtrusive seam and face detection. 2017. In Yau Science Award ( Computer Science).
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