Fast L1–L2 Minimization via a Proximal Operator

Yifei Lou University of Texas at Dallas Ming Yan Michigan State UniversityEast Lansing

Optimization and Control mathscidoc:1804.27002

Journal of Scientific Computing, 74, (2), 767–785, 2018.2
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Compressive sensing Proximal operator Forward–backward splitting Alternating direction method of multipliers Difference-of-convex
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  title={Fast L1–L2 Minimization via a Proximal Operator},
  author={Yifei Lou, and Ming Yan},
  booktitle={Journal of Scientific Computing},
Yifei Lou, and Ming Yan. Fast L1–L2 Minimization via a Proximal Operator. 2018. Vol. 74. In Journal of Scientific Computing. pp.767–785.
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