Mathematical picture language program

Arthur Jaffe Harvard University Zhengwei Liu Harvard University

General Mathematics mathscidoc:1806.13001

Best Paper Award in 2018

PNAS, 115, (1), 81-86, 2018.1
We give an overview of our philosophy of pictures in mathematics. We emphasize a bidirectional process between picture lan- guage and mathematical concepts: abstraction and simulation. This motivates a program to understand different subjects, using virtual and real mathematical concepts simulated by pictures.
pictorial mathematics | picture language | picture proof | abstraction and simulation | real and virtual
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  title={Mathematical picture language program},
  author={Arthur Jaffe, and Zhengwei Liu},
Arthur Jaffe, and Zhengwei Liu. Mathematical picture language program. 2018. Vol. 115. In PNAS. pp.81-86.
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