Arithmetic of Shimura curves

Shou-Wu Zhang Princeton University

Number Theory mathscidoc:1808.07015

SCIENCE CHINA Mathematics, 53, (3), 573–592, 2010
This is the note for a series of lectures that the author gave at the Centre de Recerca Matem´atica (CRM), Bellaterra, Barcelona, Spain on October 19–24, 2009. The aim is to give a comprehensive description of some recent work of the author and his students on generalisations of the Gross-Zagier formula, Euler systems on Shimura curves, and rational points on elliptic curves.
Shimura curves
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  title={Arithmetic of Shimura curves},
  author={Shou-Wu Zhang},
  booktitle={SCIENCE CHINA Mathematics},
Shou-Wu Zhang. Arithmetic of Shimura curves. 2010. Vol. 53. In SCIENCE CHINA Mathematics. pp.573–592.
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