Strings on warped AdS_3 via T\bar{J} deformations

Luis Apolo YMSC Tsinghua University Wei Song YMSC Tsinghua University

Theoretical Physics mathscidoc:1904.39005

Journal of High Energy Physics, 10, 165, 2018
We study a toy model of the Kerr/CFT correspondence using string theory on AdS_3 × S^3. We propose a single trace irrelevant deformation of the dual CFT generated by a vertex operator with spacetime dimensions (2,1). This operator shares the same quantum numbers as the integrable T\bar{J} deformation of two-dimensional CFTs where \bar{J} is a chiral U(1) current. We show that the deformation is marginal on the worldsheet and that the target spacetime is deformed to null warped AdS_3 upon dimensional reduction. We also calculate the spectrum of the deformed theory on the cylinder and compare it to the field theory analysis of T\bar{J}-deformed CFTs.
Kerr/CFT correspondence, string theory, irrelevant deformations of conformal field theory
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  title={Strings on warped AdS_3 via T\bar{J} deformations},
  author={Luis Apolo, and Wei Song},
  booktitle={Journal of High Energy Physics},
Luis Apolo, and Wei Song. Strings on warped AdS_3 via T\bar{J} deformations. 2018. Vol. 10. In Journal of High Energy Physics. pp.165.
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