Super McShane Identity

Yi Huang YMSC, Tsinghua University Robert C. Penner Institut des Hautes √Čtudes Scientifiques Anton M. Zeitlin Louisiana State University

Differential Geometry Mathematical Physics Representation Theory mathscidoc:1908.10001

The authors derive a McShane identity for once-punctured super tori. Relying upon earlier work on super Teichmuller theory by the last two-named authors, they further develop the supergeometry of these surfaces and establish asymptotic growth rate of their length spectra.
super Riemann surfaces, McShane identity
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  • Accepted by the Journal of Differential Geometry (2021, September)
  title={Super McShane Identity},
  author={Yi Huang, Robert C. Penner, and Anton M. Zeitlin},
Yi Huang, Robert C. Penner, and Anton M. Zeitlin. Super McShane Identity.
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