Categorification of quantum symmetric pairs I.

Huanchen Bao Peng Shan Weiqiang Wang Ben Webster

Quantum Algebra mathscidoc:1908.29004

Quantum Topology, 9, 643-714, 2018
We categorify a coideal subalgebra of the quantum group of S[2r+ 1 by introducing a 2-category analogous to the one defined by Khovanov一Lauda-Rouquier, and show that self-dual indecomposable l-morphisms categorify the canonical basis of this algebra. This allows us to define a categorical action of this coideal algebra on the categories of modules over cohomology rings of partial flag varieties and on the category ð of type B/C.
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  title={Categorification of quantum symmetric pairs I.},
  author={Huanchen Bao, Peng Shan, Weiqiang Wang, and Ben Webster},
  booktitle={Quantum Topology},
Huanchen Bao, Peng Shan, Weiqiang Wang, and Ben Webster. Categorification of quantum symmetric pairs I.. 2018. Vol. 9. In Quantum Topology. pp.643-714.
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