Necklaces with interacting beads: isoperimetric problems

Pavel Exner

TBD mathscidoc:1910.43120

Contemporary Mathematics, 412, 141-150, 2006
We discuss a pair of isoperimetric problems which at a glance seem to be unrelated. The first one is classical: one places N identical point charges at a closed curve T at the same arc-length distances and asks about the energy minimum, ie which shape does the loop take if left by itself. The second problem comes from quantum mechanics: we take a Schrdinger operator in
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  title={Necklaces with interacting beads: isoperimetric problems},
  author={Pavel Exner},
  booktitle={Contemporary Mathematics},
Pavel Exner. Necklaces with interacting beads: isoperimetric problems. 2006. Vol. 412. In Contemporary Mathematics. pp.141-150.
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