Semiclassical bounds in magnetic bottles

Diana Barseghyan Pavel Exner Hynek Kovak Timo Weidl

Mathematical Physics mathscidoc:1910.43217

Reviews in Mathematical Physics, 28, (1), 1650002, 2016.2
The aim of the paper is to derive spectral estimates into several classes of magnetic systems. They include three-dimensional regions with Dirichlet boundary as well as a particle in 3 confined by a local change of the magnetic field. We establish two-dimensional BerezinLiYau and LiebThirring-type bounds in the presence of magnetic fields and, using them, get three-dimensional estimates for the eigenvalue moments of the corresponding magnetic Laplacians.
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  title={Semiclassical bounds in magnetic bottles},
  author={Diana Barseghyan, Pavel Exner, Hynek Kovak, and Timo Weidl},
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Diana Barseghyan, Pavel Exner, Hynek Kovak, and Timo Weidl. Semiclassical bounds in magnetic bottles. 2016. Vol. 28. In Reviews in Mathematical Physics. pp.1650002.
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