Into Isometries ofC0 (X, E) s

Jyh-Shyang Jeang Ngai-Ching Wong

Functional Analysis mathscidoc:1910.43660

Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications, 207, (1), 286-290, 1997.3
Suppose<i>X</i>and<i>Y</i>are locally compact Hausdorff spaces,<i>E</i>and<i>F</i>are Banach spaces, and<i>F</i>is strictly convex. We show that every linear isometry<i>T</i>from<i>C</i><sub>0</sub>(<i>X</i>,<i>E</i>)<i>into</i><i>C</i><sub>0</sub>(<i>Y</i>,<i>F</i>) is essentially a weighted composition operator<i>Tf</i>(<i>y</i>)=<i>h</i>(<i>y</i>)(<i>f</i>((<i>y</i>))).
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  title={Into Isometries ofC0 (X, E) s},
  author={Jyh-Shyang Jeang, and Ngai-Ching Wong},
  booktitle={Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications},
Jyh-Shyang Jeang, and Ngai-Ching Wong. Into Isometries ofC0 (X, E) s. 1997. Vol. 207. In Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications. pp.286-290.
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