Singular Ricci flows I

Bruce Kleiner Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences John Lott University of California at Berkeley

Differential Geometry mathscidoc:1911.43015

Acta Mathematica, 219, (1), 65 – 134, 2017
We introduce singular Ricci flows, which are Ricci flow spacetimes subject to certain asymptotic conditions. These provide a solution to the long-standing problem of finding a good notion of Ricci flow through singularities, in the 3-dimensional case. We prove that Ricci flow with surgery, starting from a fixed initial condition, subconverges to a singular Ricci flow as the surgery parameter tends to zero. We establish a number of geometric and analytical properties of singular Ricci flows.
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  title={Singular Ricci flows I},
  author={Bruce Kleiner, and John Lott},
  booktitle={Acta Mathematica},
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Bruce Kleiner, and John Lott. Singular Ricci flows I. 2017. Vol. 219. In Acta Mathematica. pp.65 – 134.
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